My interpretation of a comfortable to look at theme to use with Hyper. It automatically switches based on the active macOS color scheme.

Silent Keyboard Switches

Down the rabbit hole we go. I've been looking for a satisfying quiet mechanical keyboard for a few years now and think I've struck gold. I had a Vortex Race 3 with Cherry MX Silent Red switches (linear) as my first entry into the custom mechanical keyboards and my first silent keyboard. It was silent but the silencing O rings caused the key presses to feel slightly squishy. I loved it and used for a long time but eventually got tired of it and wanted to try something new.

Duplicacy dotfiles

Utilise the pre-backup script provided by duplicacy to prepare a collection of dotfiles for you to backup. The pre-backup script is stored alongside other scripts like post-backup in the .duplicacy/scripts directory

Combining Supervisor and nginx-proxy (docker) to remotely monitor Glances

I wrote a post a while back about nginx-proxy and how I was using it to resolve local DNS records. Today I decided I wanted to be able to monitor my server remotely using glances running over Supervisor and utilizing glances' internal webserver. Since this wasn't running in a container I needed a somewhat creative way to add it.


Recently Next.js released version v10.0.0 which introduced next/image. So the TLDR; is it does a lot of internal image optimization for you so you don't have to implement your own solutions for them manually. The component supports different layout values that define how your image size behaves according to the current viewport or surrounding element. Besides passing a layout prop they require you to always pass the desired height and width dimensions.