Duplicacy with Backblaze B2

I decided to give it another go at encrypted backups. I already tried restic and duplicity in the past but was very disappointed with the overal performance and upload speed these tools provided. So I just gave up and started using the AWS S3 api using aws-cli to handle unencrypted backups for me.

The one that I hadn't tried yet is called duplicacy which is pretty much the same as all the other ones, but claiming to be faster and better than the competition.

Setting up was fairly easy using the following article. The article guides you through setting up your repository to sync with Backblaze B2 step by step.

I made a modified version of the backup script in the article that let me run it easily for different repositories using the root crontab. It utilises flock to make sure multiple instances of the same script can't be run at the same time (apparently duplicacy has some issues with performance if you do this).

Now I can setup my cron without having to control the entire setup per repository I want to backup. I chose to only keep 1 snapshot per repository as I want to keep the backup cost as low as possible.